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Tirade of the Day

July 18, 2009

I love driving.  Windows down, foot heavy on the gas, music up WAY up loud – love it.  Especially when I’m driving in the country, on windy roads, gravel roads, or through beautiful landscapes.  I would much rather be the driver than the passenger.   Ugh, does this mean I have control issues?  I also will be the first to admit that I have road rage.  No violence or naughty hand gestures or anything, just simple feelings about other drivers on the road.  I tend to give them a lot of verbal encouragement.  And it might be loud, sometimes.  And it might turn the air of my car blue, sometimes.

I was on my way to home #2 via I-64 E today.  Wow, there was a lot of traffic.  More so than I remember on past trips.  There were quite a few drivers who were having mental lapses pertaining to one of the most obvious rules about driving.   At least, quite obvious in my mind.  There are TWO lanes of traffic on most major highways, correct?  A RIGHT lane and a LEFT lane.  The RIGHT lane is for SLOW drivers.  SLOW drivers = people who actually follow speed limits (crazy, no?) or believe it or not, drive below the speed limit.  The LEFT lane is for FAST drivers.   FAST drivers = people who drive above the speed limit and want to get around the SLOW drivers.  Now.  It seems to me that if you are a SLOW driver and you happen to find yourself in the LEFT lane, a place where you might notice that there are a lot of cars behind you, you might want to MOVE.  That’s right.  MOVE your SLOW car out of the LEFT (FAST) lane into the RIGHT (SLOW) lane.  I was trying my hardest to impart my road wisdom and encouragement to these poor souls, but they just weren’t getting it.

Also, I don’t care if you drive faster than I do.  BUT!  Please, please, please don’t pass me, pull in front of me and then SLOW DOWN.  I will be very disappointed.

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