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2013: WHOA

December 28, 2013

I think it is safe to say that 2013 was a year of firsts. Like, all of the firsts.

First visit to NYC! First visit to The Met! First visit to Carnegie Hall! My first live Handel! My first live Wagner!

All these gorgeous people sang to me:

Joyce DiDonato, Susan Graham, Bryan Hymel, Karen Cargill, Luca Pisaroni, Patricia Bardon, Brenda Rae, Joelle Harvey, David Daniels, Thomas Hampson, Deborah Voigt (2x), Jamie Barton, Russell Thomas, John Relyea, Renée Fleming, Stephanie Blythe, Angela Meade, Lucas Meachem, Alexandra Schoeny, Nicole Cabell (2x), Michelle DeYoung, Lori Philips, Thomas Gezhali, Corrine Winters

Some mysterious confluence of the universe enabled Jen and I to attend The Opera News Awards banquet. The fact that I can utter that statement still sends my heart reeling. I mean, WHAT IN THE WORLD. I met the following people: F. Paul Driscoll, Dawn Upshaw, Mirella FREAKING Freni, Simon DEAR GOD ABOVE Keenlyside, Isabel Leonard, Pat Racette, OHMYGOD I FORGOT WE MET ALICE COOTE, Harry Bicket, Patricia Bardon, and I got a hug from Debbie because in my mind we are BFFs.

My friends and I met Joyce backstage and gave her beer. NAILED IT.

I was able to tell Renée that she changed my life. So that’s pretty cool.

I took two friends to the opera for the first time. What fun!

Internet friends became real life friends. Which is really the best thing ever.

All this #operarox nonsense on twitter is damn spectacular and I love you all. It’s fantastic to walk through this magical world together. 

Here’s to another year of experiencing musical highs and to hopefully meeting more of you!



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